Wednesday, December 26, 2007

YS DZ 170

I have been fortunate this December to log 30+ flights on one of the first regular production run DZ 170's. My Comp-ARF Integral which has about 90 flights logged with a DZ 160 is the airframe I am using for evaluation and break-in for the 170. Being familiar with the performance of this aircraft with the 160 I can truly detect the added power/torque advantages of the 170 especially since I am using the same prop/fuel/plug/throttle curve configuration.

The significant difference is the middle power-band torque. Between 1/3 to 2/3 throttle I detect more power/torque authority. There is a reduction in the need to make throttle adjustments to maintain ideal cruise speed. In addition the transition to vertical from horizontal cruise is cleaner, not as much P-factor, I assume this is due to not having to go to a higher throttle setting to carve the desired radius. I am now throttling up after completing the radius instead of before or during.

In summary the break-in, and initial runs were easy and straight forward. One notable though is the increased compression over the 160, make sure you get a good prime and have a fully charged capable starter. This is one stout puppy. The idle and mid-range appear to run smoother (less vibration) and the transition from low to high throttle is outstanding.

Test platform:
APC 15x11 4-blade
CoolPower 30% heli
YS glo-plug

Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Aircraft for 08

Compsite-ARF Integral

Power system
  • YS 170 DZ
  • CH header
  • ES carbon pipe

Radio gear

  • Futaba 14 MZ
  • G3 R5114 RX
  • All digital servos, T, E = 9650, A = 9151, R = 9155
  • Li po RX battery


  • CoolPower 30% heli


  • APC 15X11 4-bld
  • Tru-Turn anodized

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

2007 Accomplishments

NSRCA District VI finishes AMA Masters Class

  • 1st place -- Temple Aero Modelers

  • 1st place -- Cresent City Pattern Championship

  • 1st place -- Dixie RC

  • 1st place -- Jetero Pattern Classic

  • 1st place -- Mid County RC

  • 1st place -- SPARKS Pattern Fall Classic

...2007 AMA Masters National Champion

...2007 Futaba Flight achievement Award (highest round scored, ama nationals)

...NSRCA District Champion

Aircraft -- ZNLINE Twister

Engine -- YS 160DZ w/apc15X11 4 blade prop

Fuel -- Morgan Fuels CoolPower 30% heli blend

Radio -- Futaba 14MZ, digital servos all controls



My name is Glen Watson originally from Pittsburgh, PA. I currently live in Cypress, TX a suburb of Houston. My wife Toni and I recently celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. We have no children which enables us to have active lives outside of our demanding professional careers. Toni is a Manager of Benefits for an energy company and a competitive club tennis player. Me I work as a consultant for a business software company where I focus on implementation and training. The last 15 years I have competed in AMA pattern both regionally and nationally.

As a young boy I was introduced to RC by my Father and his buddy. Dad who was a Dentist by profession was an engineer at heart his passion was constructing models from scratch and kits. My brother and I during our RC learning days always had ready to fly new and repaired airplanes to take flying lessons with. The flying lessons were provided by my father's buddy K. Leroy Irvis who was the Speaker of Pennsylvania's House of Representatives. Mr. Irvis was a character at the flying field and during holiday family dinners. My brother and I were very fortunate to have great role models to teach us RC and life lessons at an early age.

The love for aviation was implanted in the hearts of my brother and I early in life. As a teen my brother moved from modeling to full scale. He competed nationally for a while with sail planes. Now he lives on an airport home community in North Carolina. Currently he owns a Maule and is building a RV-10 . I continued on with modeling. I have had success competing in AMA Pattern (precision aerobatics) becoming a two time National Champion..

Visit often to stay updated with my upcoming RC experiences.

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