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My name is Glen Watson originally from Pittsburgh, PA. I currently live in Cypress, TX a suburb of Houston. My wife Toni and I recently celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. We have no children which enables us to have active lives outside of our demanding professional careers. Toni is a Manager of Benefits for an energy company and a competitive club tennis player. Me I work as a consultant for a business software company where I focus on implementation and training. The last 15 years I have competed in AMA pattern both regionally and nationally.

As a young boy I was introduced to RC by my Father and his buddy. Dad who was a Dentist by profession was an engineer at heart his passion was constructing models from scratch and kits. My brother and I during our RC learning days always had ready to fly new and repaired airplanes to take flying lessons with. The flying lessons were provided by my father's buddy K. Leroy Irvis who was the Speaker of Pennsylvania's House of Representatives. Mr. Irvis was a character at the flying field and during holiday family dinners. My brother and I were very fortunate to have great role models to teach us RC and life lessons at an early age.

The love for aviation was implanted in the hearts of my brother and I early in life. As a teen my brother moved from modeling to full scale. He competed nationally for a while with sail planes. Now he lives on an airport home community in North Carolina. Currently he owns a Maule and is building a RV-10 . I continued on with modeling. I have had success competing in AMA Pattern (precision aerobatics) becoming a two time National Champion..

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