Monday, September 13, 2010

Glo vs. Electric Power

This past Saturday 9/11 I had the opportunity to practice with my YS powered Integral and Hacker Comp powered Visa. I am still in the battery break-in and flight trimming phase with the Visa so at this time it is not fair to truly compare performance and flight characteristics. The Integral is a contest veteran with wins in Masters in D-6. the last win was in June against the 2010 NATS 2ND place finisher flying a Neu powered Visa, hmmmm. I will post more as the Visa begins to come into it's own.

YS power aircraft have been very good to me over the years never costing me a contest. I am experimenting with ePower for a couple of reason, one to see if there is a competitive advantage, the other is equipment maintenance/longevity.