Tuesday, April 19, 2011

...Glo vs. Electric Power continues

The Texas 2010/2011 winter months allowed many flight hours. Majority of these flights were spent flight trimming, battery break-in and trying different props on the Visa. I've ended up liking the APC 22x12 prop, the least expensive I've tried to date. Flew this in 20mph+ wind in the 2011 D6 season opener with great results. As for YS power at the end of the 2010 season I was very confident with the YS Integral setup. It proved very competitive in the final two contest in 2010 placing first in both. I still feel the Integral design is the best windy condition plane I've flown to date especially in quartering and cross wind conditions.
Because of the favorable wind handling characteristics I've ordered another Integral with the goal to ePower it either with a Hacker comp 14xl or perhaps the Q80 11S out-runner. I was fortunate to fly a well trimmed local F3A competitor's Integral with the Hacker Q80 11S out-runner combo with a 22x12 APC, all I can say I am extremely anxious to get my own ePowered Integral in the air.