Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Space City 4th Annual Pattern Classic

The fourth annual Space City RC Club’s Spring Pattern Classic event was held this past weekend. Many thanks to the club and the members who made it possible to hold a very successful event for the 4th year in a row. This event has grown each year in sheer numbers of participants attracting an incredible talent pool of competitors and contestant judging. We are fortunate to have access to some of the top flyers in the country participate along with an extremely knowledgeable and experienced list of current certified judges among those who compete.

Flying conditions were challenging, wind gusts on both days were in the high 20s according to weather reports however the level of flying was some of the best I've witnessed all classes. The last several weeks it has been very windy in this part of the country leading up to the contest. Competitors came very well prepared for the conditions. We had 34 compete on Saturday with 30 returning on Sunday. There were 12 FAI which is an unusually large turnout. FAI flew 3 rounds of P and 1 round of F throwing out their lowest P round. In addition our Intermediate winner was 14 years old and we had 3 other young men in their late teens early 20s participate…Pattern is alive and doing well in this part of the country. To my best recollection 16 out of 34 flew glow remainder was electric.

If you’re ever in Houston Texas around the first weekend in May be sure to bring an plane and plan to attend the Spring Pattern Classic at the Space City RC Club located in Katy, TX a west suburb of Houston.

Additional pictures http://cindywick.smugmug.com/RCAirplanesandFlying/2011-4-30-Space-City/16849020_JDRh9L#1271898061_CnF5g2T

Also wanted express thanks to the event sponsors:

F3A Unlimited
Morgen Fuel
Randy's Hobbies (Ritch's Brew)
YS Parts and Service